Enjoy the famed Cretan hospitality

Fun is a super essential element of any holiday equation. This is why we are hosting a series of events right here in our hotel in Platanias.



Epicurus, one of the best known ancient Greek philosophers, posits that pleasure is the ultimate good. No doubt that he is a worldwide symbol of the art of life connoisseurs, contemporary foodies and gourmands. At Blue Dome, we invite you to take a lesson from the great man, scale down and enjoy the finer things in life- good food and drink, included. Every Wednesday at 20:00, we are hosting at our Basil’Honey Restaurant, a wine tasting event, where you’ll have the opportunity to sample some gems from the Cretan vineyard along with selected delicacies.

Pleasure will not however be limited to the palate, as there will be authentic Cretan music and dancers to lift your mood, further.



Who says that Sundays have to be depressing? Deriving inspiration from the black and white Greek films of the 50’s and the 60’s, every Sunday at 20:00, we invite you to enjoy a most atmospheric-and nostalgic- evening out. Fresh fish- the catch of the day from the sea that’s right on our backyard-is on the menu (after all pleasure is often found in the simpler things!), accompanied by live Greek music from good old Greek cinema and a decor to match.