Beaches in Chania

Imagine endless stretches of sandy beaches with crystal clear blue and turquoise waters extending all along Crete’s northern coast, from Platanias Village itself westwards right along the neighbouring villages. This is one of the region’s major attractions and the reason why every season visitors from around the globe return here for their holidays.

A photographer’s heaven

The most iconic and most photographed beaches in the area, in fact the whole of Crete, renowned for their exotic beauty and majestic natural environment, are the heavenly lagoons of Balos at Gramvousa peninsula and Elafonissi, also at the southwestern edge of the island. Between them, lies the virgin beach of ancient Falassarna. And if you’re looking for seclusion, try the secret paradise of Kedrodasos and White Lake near Elafonissi and the African seascapes of Agiannis and Lavrakas on Gavdos island.

From the sandy white and blue beaches, to the luscious orangeries and olive groves; the awe-inspiring gorges and ravines and the snow covered peaks of the Lefka Ori, this land has it all. Οne thing is for certain: You’ll never get a moment’s boredom in Platanias. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the famous Samaria, Aghia Irini or Imbros gorges.

Make your stay even more special



Be a (good) sport

Do you love water? Here you can swim, go surfing, diving or even parasailing in the bluest, clearest of waters. Do you want to go with the zeitgeist? You’ll be spot on with some Sup or Kitesurfing. Looking for an adrenaline rush? Paragliding and Bungee Jumping may be just the thing for you. Are you a mountain enthusiast? You’ll be more than rewarded with the cave-exploration opportunities around here ( after all there are 1503 natural caves in the Chania area only) and will certainly indulge in some rock and mountain climbing.

Make the most of the free of charge bikes provided at the hotel, to take a leisurely tour around Crete’s version of Garden of Eden: the plains with the orange groves all around Keritis River and the hills with the olive trees which produce the miraculous, world acclaimed, olive oil wait to be discovered. Don’t forget to visit Agias Lake with its amazing flora and fauna and the Lake of Kourna, a serene place and important biotope, as well as the various villages in the area, each and every one remarkable in its own right.

Venetian harbour's charm


Crete’s Liquid Gold

Cretans are renowned for their good health and longevity. Their secret lies in their world famous diet and its protagonist, is undoubtedly the extra virgin olive oil: a powerful natural antioxidant used freely to bring out the intense tastes of Cretan fertile lands’ local produce. It is no coincidence after all that olive oil is often likened to liquid gold. Discover its miraculous qualities while reveling in its flavors and aromas, through a guided tasting in an Olive factory, such as Terra Creta in Kolymvari.


An ancient vineyard

Yielding more than 95,000 tons every year, Crete is responsible for 20% of the total wine production in Greece. The Cretan vineyard spreads over 500,000 hectares of fertile land and it is the most traditional of Europe, with age old varieties whose roots are lost in antiquity and the Minoan civilization. Whether a wine lover- or a history buff- make sure you take a tasting tour in one of the area’s acclaimed wineries such as Manousakis Winery, in the traditional village of Vatolakos or Karavitakis winery in Pontikiana at Kolymvari area. You will be introduced to wine-making’ s A to Z, but -more importantly- you’ ll get to sample some of Crete’s most magnificent wines along with delicious home-made cheese and traditional country-style rusks. A great variety of Cretan wines are included in our wine list, daily served at Basil’Honey Restaurant.
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