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Discover Cretan food

Simple yet unpredictable. Wholesome yet delectable. It is no wonder that Cretan cuisine, one of the oldest and tastiest gastronomic traditions, is nowadays celebrated all over the world. Not only for its exquisite bouquet of tastes and aromas, but also for its –amazing- health benefits. Our beachfront Basil’ Honey Restaurant serves a cuisine that’s inspired, yet unpretentious, with a focus on seasonal, local ingredients and the ocean that’s right in our backyard. We invite you to come and enjoy an unforgettable culinary experience which embraces the welcoming spirit of Crete– approachable, original, and hard to leave.

Get fit

Physical activity releases endorphins. And this makes you feel good. So get up from that bed (or couch) and get some exercise! Being on holidays is no excuse to slack off! A run on the gym’s treadmill, maybe some yoga or Pilates, a couple of laps in the pool, perhaps a bit of climbing on the wooden wall.

Our state of the art fitness room with its fully trained personnel will help you stay active. And if you feel the great outdoors calling you, there are equally many options. So why don’t you take one of our- granted, gratis -bicycles and explore the surroundings for a start?

Places to visit in Chania

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Do your yoga

Do you envy Gwyneth Paltrow’s calm and poise? 60 year old Madonna’s toned muscles? Maybe Sting’s immunity to aging? Their secret lies in practicing mind-body wellness to maintain balance. This is why more and more people around the globe (celebrities included!) choose yoga to support their health and happiness from the inside out. At Blue Dome, in our indoor gym area and our outdoor wooden deck with the fantastic sea view, we are holding yoga classes twice per week. Every fortnight also, we are organizing Yoga workshops and moonlight events, so you’ll definitely have ample opportunities to practice your “oms”. Reservation in advance is required.



Relax at the Pool Bar

Feel the breeze

Picture the big blue and the horizon stretching infinitely before you. Now imagine yourself amidst such settings. Whether for an invigorating morning beverage, a well-deserved break between your pool laps or a masterfully prepared afternoon cocktail, the pool bar, with its uninterrupted sea vistas, is the ideal place to relax and unwind with atmospheric music and the sea breeze to keep you-great- company.

Go swimming

Some like to swim at dawn, at this magical hour when the sun begins to ascend into the blue sky. Some like to wait until the midday heat warms up their skin (and the water!), and others prefer to have a dip at nightfall, while gazing at the sunlight dwindling down. With its 52m of clean, organized sandy beach with umbrellas and sunbeds and its two swimming pools- one large for adults and a smaller and shallower one specifically for children- our beachfront hotel ensures that all tastes are met and satisfied. There is also the pool bar where you can grab a refreshing drink during the hottest hours of the day.

Resting in your Room

Rest, tranquility and relaxation are guaranteed whether you opt to stay in one of our studios, one bedroom apartments or the two bedroom, sea view suite. For we have spared no expense when it comes to your comfort and convenience. Every space is fresh, airy and comfortable, tastefully furnished and equipped with all contemporary amenities. So go ahead and enjoy a full day of all sorts of exciting activities. Your room shall be waiting at the end of it to restore and revive you. Of course it’s the calm and serene surroundings that will surely play their part.

Get cycling

Take a journey

Platanias is internationally renowned for its beauty and abundance. From the interminable, sandy beaches with their turquoise blue, crystal clear waters to the lush surrounding landscape with orange and olive groves or the quaint local life, the remarkable cultural activity and great variety of nearby restaurants, bars and shops, this beach town compels you to explore it. And what better way to do so than with a bike ride? Make sure you get your gratis bicycle from our reception and get ready to enjoy all that Platanias has to offer.

A bicycle with its basket filled with flowers in front of a stone wall in Blue Dome Hotel in Platanias.

Let’s Tango

Simple & Elegant

Passion, desire, nostalgia, heartbreak, longing, exuberance, elation and joy… There is perhaps no other social act that stirs emotions more strongly than Tango: Much more than a spin on the dance floor or an elaborate choreography even, Tango is a feeling that is danced: The perfect synthesis of two bodies moving as one. An embrace whose arms you never wanna leave. A moving seduction. An opportunity to pursue self-expression and achieve self-validation at the same time. A mind and body experience that will get you forever hooked. Join our lessons and milongas and let’s do the Tango!
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